Silence Groove – Exclusive Drop Sensei Guest Mix & Interview

Silence Groove – Exclusive Drop Sensei Guest Mix & Interview


„First of all I wanted to thank you for the invitation for the 5th Drop Sensei Bday party, I’m very excited and really looking forward to this! I’ve got some brand new tunes that are just waiting to drop off there…“

1. Where do you find inspiration for your tracks, which are perfect combination of soulful vocals and melodies?
– I do find my inspiration in every kind of music I do listen to on a regular basis. Also weather inspires me a lot. I do like to create atmospheres and bound it to the environment that surrounds me. Sometimes even a movie or book can inspire or simply a tune of my friend or other producer! For example I’ve been inspired by Technicolour & Komatic or Seba quite a lot, what you can actually hear.

2. Do you prefer more, solo production or collabs?
– I do prefer solo production definitely. Although I’ve done quite few collabs with my friends Skeletone, HumaNature, Hugh Hardie or Euphorics. I think it’s because I like to jump on a track and finish it as soon as I can, just to not change it too much. This is the way I work and sometimes doing collabs disturbs my perfect work-flow harmony haha.

3. As you are on the scene more than 5 years, can we expect album in near future?
– I’ve been thinking quite a lot about an album these past 5 years and I’m not sure if I’m ready for this yet. I always wanted to make it very special, but with time I’ve changed my mind and I see it as just a package that contains simply very good tunes. Can’t tell for now if I’ll get on it!



4. You found your home at Fokuz Recordings. What are the main reasons to be a part of that incredible label?
– There’s no main reason, although I’d say I always liked classic Fokuz vibe and it’s vibe in general. I love to work with the Fokuz Recordings as I find them a very nice people, very open-minded, always ready to build something nice together. I’m really happy that my style somehow fits the label and that I can try to be consistent with them. It is a very well established record label but still quite underground in my opinion. I also work continuously with Offworld Recordings.

5. Your discography is mostly made from EP’s. Tell us why do you perfer to make them so often?
– I think diversity is the word here. I don’t plan anything, I just make music. I feel that most of my EP’s are very diverse, every each tune is quite different, which is good IMO (but some still would say it is generic, lol). This is the way I’ve chosen to build a strong discography. Probably it is also better to distribute my music over the time, so consistency again. Some producers or label A&R’s says it is better to do albums only and release less but I think that music plays the main role here and if it’s good enough, your audience likes it, it should be coming out regularly, right?

6. Do you produce other geners of electronic music besides Drum & Bass?
– I did a Rap/Hip-hop album with my good friend from Poland like one year ago. He’s inviting me for another project now, but I’m not sure if I have time for this… I also advise my producer friend with Techno. I’ve been also making Trance music for few years, just before I’ve started with Drum and Bass. I think like loads of us producers, we’ve been there and there, we went through many different genres. I love 2step/uk garage tho, I’ve done couple of beats that you can find and download for free on my bandcamp page ( More to come!



7. Do you have experience with both, the clubs and the festivals. What type of energy you feel better? Great audience, or intimate contact with the fans who are there just for you?
– I’ve never played on a very huge stage, I’m saying about like 1k+ people, so I don’t have much experience about great audience but I do definitely enjoy every contact with the crowd. If you ask me what I prefer more I guess clubs are my favorites and more intimate contacts with people who came to see me!

8. You come form Poland. How is the local scene shaped your sound?
– Loads of great talents comes out from Poland. Most of them you probably recognize and these lads releases on well known labels. I’m not sure if local scene has something to do with my sound shape though as I was working on it mostly alone. I’ve played a bunch of shows in my motherland. I’m sure my promoter friends do their best to keep the scene in a good shape as much as they can. Last Summer I’ve moved to Slovakia and I’m enjoying it here a lot so far.



9. You already performed in Serbia. What was your experience then?
– I’ve been to Serbia in November 2013 with my good fella Skeletone, where we were premiering our dancefloor killers that just came out last month (after 5 years lol, Showtime EP)! We’ve played shows in Požarevac, Kragujevac and Niš. We toured together with Euphorics, your finest Serbian producer, our good friend. We also hang out with Sofa Kru, amazing guys! I loved every minute of it, enjoyed every party and the atmosphere of your country. I was really wishing then to come back again one day

10. What do you expect at show in Novi Sad? What kind of Serbian food and drinks would you to try?
– I expect a very good crowd as I know you guys rocks! Really looking forward to grab some Nikšićko from the first gas station I’ll see just after we pass the Serbian border. Also looking forward to some Rakija shots with friends! Hvala!

You can listen to exclusive guest mix that Silence Groove recorded for us below, enjoy!