Pythius & MC Kryptomedic – Drop Sensei 4th Birthday Exclusive Mix

Pythius & MC Kryptomedic – Drop Sensei 4th Birthday Exclusive Mix

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On 26th of March, we are celebrating our 4th birthday and we are more than honored that we can host two DJs and an MC from the very top of the worldwide drum and bass scene: Audio, Pythius and MC Kryptomedic!

For this occasion, we proudly announce an exclusive mix from Pythius and MC Kryptomedic!
These guys also answered to our questions before the event, enjoy reading!


First of all, thank you for your time and we are more than happy to see you and hear you this Saturday in Novi Sad.

  1. Why the name „Pythius“?

Ah that’s from a long time ago, when i decided I needed an artist name. I was brainstorming, and then I took the word python, and changed that to pythus and then googled that and I found that Pythius was a thing and went with that 🙂

  1. Why did you chose to do drum and bass?

Well i’ve always made music (in bands mostly), and when I came across DnB and started listening more to that I wanted to create it myself.

  1. Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Everywhere, in lots of other genres mainly! Stuff like techno, metal, synthwave, hip hop or sometimes even classical music!

  1. We saw that you are fan of some metal bands, so tell us, is that your first „love“?

I absolutely love metal, especially the harder sub genre’s (Death and Black), but I love Drum & Bass just as much! I don’t like playing favourites when there is so many amazing music out there regardless of genre.

  1. When you started to be interested in DJ-ing?

I think that was a few years ago, when i started making tunes. Some people wanted to book me while I never played a dj set before haha, so I sort of had to.

  1. Who had an impact on you as a producer?

Lots of people, I really used to listen to a lot of darker and harder stuff like Black Sun Empire, Konflict, Audio, Noisia, Telemetrik etc. I think those and many more in that direction of Drum & Bass influenced my music. But also producers from other genres like Stephan Bodzin or Pilotpriest or Max Cooper.

  1. What are your plans for the future after great two EP’s on Blackout?

I have some remixes being (FINALLY) released this year, and a new EP coming on Blackout. So very exciting stuff!

  1. What do you know about Serbia and what are your expectations for the event in Novi Sad?

I’ve heard your food is very good! And I think by the looks of it, it’s going to be a really sick night!

  1. Since that you are traveling so much, do you like to try some national foods? ( We are preparing something delicious J )

I’m always interested in the local cuisine, I love to try new things. And what better place to do it then in the actual country itself!

  1. Do you know what does mean the term „Šurenje“?

I had to google translate that! It is it like a court trial?


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First of all, we want to thank you for your time and can’t wait to hear you for the first time!

  1. Who have been your biggest influences as an MC? Was it people in the drum & bass world or maybe hip-hop rappers?

Hip Hop rappers, I actually didnt hear drum and bass until i was 19 or so…

  1. Who is your favorite MC on the scene today?

Drs, coppa, dynamite.

  1. Are you preparing some collabs in the future?

Yes, many nice collabs coming.

  1. What is your opinion about the expansion of neurofunk music?

Neurofunk is the punk rock of electronic music and just like punk rock strikes a chord with a lot of listeners so it is only natural to expand

  1. Who is your favorite producer that you love to collab with?

Mindscape 🙂

  1. Is there any solo album in the future?

Only time will tell

  1. What are your plans for this year when it comes to performance? Where we can hear you again?

2016 is a big year for me, having already done London w/ Spor, it only continues to go off as I head all over Europe and then into a strong festival season.

  1. We saw that you are a fan of skateboards, so do you have enough time for that kind of activity?

Sure, when it is nice outside it is all that I do… until it is too hot, then I spend my time boating down the river here.

  1. What do you know about Serbia and what are your expectations for the event in Novi Sad? Have you ever been in Serbia before?

I know little about Serbia but have heard great things about Drop Sensi events from my Eatbrain family so I look forward to my first visit!

  1. Do you know what does mean the term „Šurenje“?

No 🙂


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